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innCAT - Innovation in catalysis - Transition Metal catalysts for selective and sustainable processes


Our research line focuses on the design and development of novel chiral catalysts based on transition metals and aims at the enantioselective synthesis of high added value products through asymmetric catalysis.

The main studies we are currently involved in deal with processes such as:

  • Asymmetric carbonylation of alkenes (Rh-hydroformylation, Pd-hydroxy and methoxycarbonylation)
  • Hydrogenation reactions (Ir-hydrogenation of imines, Rh- and Ru-hydrogenation of substituted arenes)
  • C-C bond formation reactions (Suzuki-Miyaura, Pd-allylic substitutions, …)

Our studies are carried out following 3 main research strategies:

  • The design and synthesis of modular ligands such as sugar derivatives chiral phosphorus donor ligands, phosphine-imidazoline and sulphonated phosphines and their catalytic application.
  • The study of reaction mechanisms under in operando conditions (HP-NMR, HP-IR, …)
  • The recovery of the catalysts through the use of transition metal nanoparticles, catalyst grafting onto carbon nanotubes, ...

Universitat Rovira i Virgili

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