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 TECAT - Centre d'Innovació en Catàlisi - Transition Metal catalysts for selective and sustainable processes

Claudio Mella

Claudio Mella was born in Coronel, Chile, in 1990. In 2014, he obtained the B.Sc in Chemistry at the University of Concepción, during which he completed a research project entitled "Immobilized chiral nanoparticles Rh(-)cinconidineand their applications on enantioselective hydrogenation of prochiral ketones" under the supervision of Prof. Doris Ruiz.

In 2015 he started his PhD at the same university and is currently working on his PhD project entitled "Immobilization of Pd-Salophen-type Coordination Compounds on High Surface Polymeric Resins with Heterogeneous Catalysis Application" under the tutelage of Prof. Gina Pecchi and Prof. Cristian H. Campos.

He is currently at the URV as a visiting student in the group of Dr. Cyril Godard and Prof. Carmen Claver since September 2017.


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