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innCAT - Innovation in catalysis - Catalysis in non-conventional media

Activation of CO2

Carbon dioxide could be a source of carbon nearly endless if we could activate and transform it easily. One of the transformations we are interested is the one leading to organic carbonates and polycarbonates. This products are interesting in the preparation of highly resistant polymers for the manufacture of glasses, CD boxes, and so on.

We are focusing our research efforts in developing catalysts for the transformation of epoxides and carbon dioxide in carbonates and polycarbonates.

Some publications on this topic are:

  • Mn(III) complexes with tridentate N,N,O- ligands as catalysts for the epoxydation of alkenes
    Ali Aghmiz, Najlaa Mostfa, Siham Iksi, Raquel Rivas, M. Dolores González, Yolanda Díaz, Farid El Guemmout, Anas El Laghdach, Raouf Echarri and Anna M. Masdeu-Bultó.
    Journal of Coordination Chemistry, 2013, 66, 2567-2577.

  • Chromium complexes with tridentate NN’O Schiff base ligands as catalysts for the coupling of CO2 and epoxides
    Siham Iksi, Ali Aghmiz, Raquel Rivas, M. Dolores González, Laia Cuesta, Javier Castilla, Arantxa Orejón, Farid El Guemmout, Anna M. Masdeu-Bultó
    Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, 2013 enviat

The funding for this project comes from:

  • Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología, CTQ2007-63510/PPQ, CTQ2010-16676

  • Ministerio de asuntos exteriores y de Cooperación, A/015931/08

Collaboration in this area with Prof. Farid El Guemout (University Abdelmalek Esaadi, Tetuan Morroco) and Dr. Ali Aghmiz (Universitat Rovira i Virgili)

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