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- Catalysis in non-conventional media
  Anna Masdeu Bultó

Anna M. Masdeu-Bultó (born in Reus, PhD in 1992 at the Chemistry Faculty, Tarragona) is Profesora Titular de Universidad of Inorganic Chemistry in the Physical and Inorganic Chemistry Department at the University Rovira i Virgili since 1996. Her research interests in Chemistry are focused on the metal based complexes as catalysts for carbonylation (hydroformylation, alcoxycarbonylation, copolymerization CO/alkene), hydrogenation and other processes. Her research is especially devoted to the use of environmental low impact solvents such as water and carbon dioxide. Related to this later subject, since 2002, she is studying the possibilities of using carbon dioxide as a solvent in catalytic reactions and as a C1 building block for the synthesis of organic carbonates.

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