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Support for BDT / Download BDT

1) Support:

If you need help to install BDT on your computer or if you would like to suggest new features or improvements, please e-mail us at gerard.pujadas@urv.cat

2) System requirements and download:

BDT needs to be installed in a Linux computer (but you can run it remotely from PCs running Windows or MacOS X using a X-terminal client and connecting to the computer where BDT is installed).

In the Linux computer, to run BDT you need to download and install the following programs:

AutoGrid/AutoDock v3.05
The self BDT
  In order to obtain BDT: (a) download the license; (b) fill and sign it; and (c) fax it to 34-977 558232. Then, we will e-mail the link where you can download BDT
  Once, you have BDT on yoiur computer, move to the directory where you saved the compressed BDT archive and unpack it using the next command:
    tar -zxvf BDT_self_running.tar.gz
  Now move into the BDT directory and read the README_FIRST file to know how to install BDT

In your local machine you need RasMol to use the scripts sent by the Analyze tab